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In the summer, local San Francisco local musicians and bands tour for a three-day music festival themed around camping. The event called Sound Spectacle features three music genres: rock, jazz, and R&B, where artists will perform for their live audience in various locations across the Bay Area including San Francisco, Oakland, and Sacramento. 


The visual system draws from the eclectic music genre played in the festival and the vibrant community celebrating the arts and culture event. A bright turquoise color is implemented along with simple geometric shapes to represent the dynamic energy and exuberant quality that characterizes the musical scene, as well as to underscore the lively color found in nature. When combined with black, the color turquoise makes the design stand out with high contrast in any environment. 


Designing an event identity with three music genres. 


Designing an event

identity with three 

music genres. 

Selected Works 


Wasting food because you missed the expired date.

Problem 01


To create a rental app for family 

bike riders.

Problem 02 


To manifest Adobe's core brand values 

through CSR. 

Problem 03

Adobe CSR

To develop a new line of 

skincare for Allbirds. 

Problem 04 

Allbirds Wander 

Designing an event identity 

with three music genres. 

Problem 05

Sound Spectacle


To producea fresh rebrand for a local

family-owned delicatessen. 

Problem 06


Establishing an identity for a museum 

exhibition in SFMOMA. 

Problem 07

The Exhibition:


To create an experimental book 

about the iconic Formula One. 

Problem 08

Above 200MPH

Passing stories about the pandemic 

to inform and educate. 

Problem 09

Talk Magazine

Creating a designer paint line inspired by life and the human experience. 

Problem 10


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